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All Wrapped Up - Morgan Harcourt;Laylah Hunter;Thea Hayworth;Gryvon This was a well-put together anthology, and considering the subject matter and its taboo nature even in m/m erotica circles, I was incredibly impressed at the quality of the work. There weren't too many stories, so there wasn't really any filler (anthologies can blur and become forgettable with too much content). Start to finish, I enjoyed each and every take on the trope.

"Ground Mission" was great for packing a memorable punch in a relatively short amount of pages, always a bonus. The main characters had a great rapport and the world-building didn't feel contrived or too sci-fi for the sake of sci-fi.

I absolutely loved "Wildwood," and I thought it had a great position in the anthology. Not sci-fi like its predecessor, the fantasy elements were a breath of fresh air and cleverly done. I don't think I've ever seen the tentacle trope (for lack of a better word) done so uniquely? The forest guardian character's physicality was described just enough to be evocative, but not TOO much, which could be a pitfall in the hands of a less accomplished author. Loved the setting of this one as well, and I was quite attached to the characters.

I was less impressed with "Dark Covenant," mainly because I wasn't expecting the festival of rape I encountered once the story really got going. It was a change in tone from the rest of the anthology, and perhaps not a good one. However, credit where credit is due; the author had some skill with developing the world, and I was fond of the demon/God/whatever Eramus was. Still, wasn't really a fan.

"Situation Normal" was a bit kinkier than the other stories, but done with a skillful hand as well. Ten (His Most Just Tenacity if we're being pedantic) is a lizard-humanoid-thing, also a Peace Officer, who stops pilot Sebastian in order to commandeer his vessel. There's tension, sexual and otherwise, and some interesting sex. Loved the manner and use of the tentacles in this one. The story doesn't end with the sexual encounter; it goes on to raise the stakes and come to a pretty snappy conclusion. Wasn't my favorite of the bunch, but it was a great way to end the collection.